A recent step taken by Oculus seems to have pleased its fans in a fresh update. Hardware Rift used to check whether Oculus headset was being used to play the game has been removed as a form of DRM. Oculus clearly invites the users to use different headsets for the gameplay. Hypothetically it looks like a step forward to an open platform, or the check for the headset was not properly working and they are working on a better and effective DRM. Optimistically it would be the former but it is too early to confirm at present.

Oculus Removes Rift as a Form of DRM
Oculus Removes Rift as a Form of DRM

To have a better understanding of why there is a debate, there is a movement among VR fanatics to keep the platform as vulnerable as possible so that they don’t get into a VR-themed ‘console conflict’.  The difference between Rift and Vive and the PlayStation VR is that Rift and Vive run on PC whereas PlayStation VR runs on PS4 only. Oculus has tried to safeguard many VR titles exclusively for themselves.

Oculus Desires to Build a Coveted Platform by Limiting Certain Software

It is clear that Oculus desires to build a coveted platform by limiting certain software to its own headset but the fans fundamentally debate that the best headset should triumph. Oculus seems to be anti-customer and has always forced precincts similar to this which doesn’t require being in present for any reason at all, even technically. To cut short they don’t want Oculus Vs. Vive to turn into Playstation Vs. Xbox where the content wild and a few elite games gulf their huge player base. PC is the platform and not the headset, VR should be considered above it; however this is not what Oculus believes as of now.

In the coming years the market will not just have two PC based VR headsets but more and it is tough to imagine all of them being comfortable to share others software in this highly competitive market. For now, Oculus is yet to make an official statement but the work seems to be in progress already.


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