Nvidia has just unveiled their latest GPU, the GeForce RTX 2000 series. This GPU series is made to offer six times better performance than the previous generation GPU card. There are three graphics cards in the new series and those are:

  • RTX 2070
  • RTX 2080
  • RTX 2080 Ti
Nvidia Launches Their Geforce RTX 2000 Series GPU
Nvidia Launches Their Geforce RTX 2000 Series GPU

All these graphics cards are designed with advanced technologies such as programmable shading, ray tracing, and artificial intelligence. The ray tracing technology adds realism to the virtual world. The programmable shading let users enjoy the games in higher frame rates and with maxed out settings. And the artificial intelligence runs powerful algorithm so as to create very special effects.

So, all these technologies indicate that the latest GPU cards are smartly designed for the gamers. It will allow gamers to enjoy every high-end game smoothly. The main aim of Nvidia is to offer a lag-free performance all through the game. And their latest GPU cards will help users achieve that.

These GPU cards are also armed with tensor cores. It actually delivers the AI computing has power. And thankfully this hashing power can be increased 25-30%.

Not Suitable for The Cryptocurrency Mining

However, it is to mention that, these RTX series GPU cards are perfect for gaming only. They are not suitable for the cryptocurrency mining. Nvidia too is not promoting the new RTX 2000 series GPU cards as the mining equipment. The miners will especially not love to have this GPU cards due to the high price tag.

The RTX GPU cards are highly expensive than the previous generation cards. While the GTX 1080 Ti had a price tag of $599, the RTX 2080 Ti card carry of the big price tag of $1,199.

So, there is a huge difference in the price. Anyways, it will definitely allow you to enjoy a higher level of performance as well. So, the price is really worth it!

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