Facebook Messenger has launched a Group Calling feature that allows users to simultaneously dial up to 50 friends online. Messenger’s top official, David Marcus, reported via Facebook that the free service is taking off globally the following 24 hours to all Messenger users with the most recent Android and iOS application updates.

Users from any group chat can start a group call by tapping the Phone symbol, then selecting the members to dial. Everybody who is welcomed will get a Messenger call at the same time. Like that of a person-to-person call, people have the choice to accept, ignore or decline a call.

Now, Facebook Messenger Has Group Calling
Now, Facebook Messenger Has Group Calling

In cases of missed calls, invited members can join a call that is still in progress by tapping the Phone symbol in the group chat. Messenger also allows users to see the list of people who are in the call and additionally send messages to members.

Facebook Messenger is one of Facebook’s most popular items and as of now has more than 900 million active users. Facebook has been known to continuously update and upgrade its platforms and Messenger is no different. Notwithstanding the new group-calling feature, Messenger has already included social casual games, AI chatbots and payment features that allow people to send and get cash via Facebook.

Facebook Messenger’s competition, Slack, has prior reported that it will be revealing a voice and video messaging platform this year while Snapchat says the application’s video messaging feature will keep on evolving as it releases extra voice abilities. Another major contender, Google Hangouts, has numerous features like Facebook Messenger, including group video chat over IP, cash exchanges, and social applications like doodle drawing in addition to the traditional landline and mobile telephone dialing.

With the explosive popularity and ease of use of Apple’s Facetime, allowing fast personal connections through video chatting, Facebook is utilizing the popularity of the biggest worldwide social network to deliver a similar on-demand social platform.

The organization believes that through these new features, it can become a major player in the worldwide video chat space. With the force of group video chat empowering Facebook’s 1.59 billion active users to instantly connect face-to-face, the world is going to become much smaller.


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