This times it’s not Samsung but Apple’s iPhone that got exploded and caught fire. The company is now investigating the claim of US women’s iPhone 7 Plus who exploded and caught fire.

18 Year old Brianna Olivas was sleeping with her phone nearby when her boyfriend noticed smoke and a strange noise from her phone. Her boyfriend moved the phone immediately and took a video that went viral in such a less time. As per reports, Apple has replaced both the phone and case that was damaged.

Not Samsung but Apple’s iPhone caught fire
Not Samsung but Apple’s iPhone caught fire

In her interview to news, the 18-year-old user mentioned that she has been noticing the problem with her iPhone which she bought in January and caught fire. She mentioned that the phone didn’t turn on so she took it to Apple Store.

They were able to get the phone on and ran diagnostics. They said nothing was wrong with it and everything was fine.

says Brianna.

I sleep with my phone next to me. It was on the bed right next to my head. My boyfriend actually moved the phone to the dresser and went into the bathroom.

she mentioned.

From the corner of his eye, he saw the phone smoking and heard a squealing noise coming from it. I woke up because I heard the noise and then he started raising his voice. Right when he put it there, it blew up and even more smoke was coming out.

she said.

The phone smelt so bad. I can’t really explain the smell but it was really strong. It made the whole apartment smell.

It’s hard to believe about iPhones having such problems because none of us has ever heard about any indication from the handsets. The company is looking into the investigation!


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