No one is losing their AirPods again! Ever since the release of AirPods instead of general earplugs equipped with iPhone, there was a constant backlash. Fans loved it but there were those fans too who were afraid of losing it too.

We all saw so many memes on social media that discussed that AirPods was going to be appealing to the new users as long as they are not lost!

No one is losing their AirPods again
No one is losing their AirPods again

Small, monochromatic and expensive AirPods can only replace with a single lost one for $69! With the release of iOS 10.3 in the Apple Phones and iPads, seems like this problem is going to be solved! iOS 10.3 is going to be your savior as its going to help you locate your misplaced AirPods.

Well, with technology come the limitations too! AirPods do not have any GPS equipped with them so just like Find My iPhone feature on phones, this update is going to map the location of your AirPods where it was last synced with your phone.

Find My iPhone
Find My AirPods

With the update, you will be able to find your AirPods with the feature Find My AirPods integrated with Find My iPhone. With a sound, you can ping your AirPod with Bluetooth and catch the sound from where it coming from.

No One is Losing Their AirPods Again!

If AirPods, not battery drained then surely this sound is going to work unless and until it’s not under your sofa cushions or something.

So far what the update is lacking is any authorized mechanism where it can reunite the AirPod with the original user only. Apple should come up with this solution too so that finding back your AirPod becomes more convenient!

Somehow this can happen with possible linkage with the iCloud account and the lost gadgets are returned to their original users! Let’s see if Apple can come up with a solution like this.


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