While it is uncertain how many users have stuck it out with Picasa, Google is finally shutting down the service for ‘Photographs’. The service will stop on May first, 2016.

In 2002, an organization called Lifescape began Picasa and imagined a service that would allow storage, altering and viewing of pictures on the web. After a few years, Google saw the potential and snapped up the photograph service, making it its own over the following decade.

With the relative lack luster response to Google’s social networking platform, Google+, the organization chose to destroy the service and present the strongest parts as stand-alone components. This would mean that Stream, Photos and Hangouts would become their own respective products. It was at this moment that Picasa’s destiny was sealed, as Google would without a doubt eventually fold in or discontinue the redundant photograph service.

Today, Google announced that Picasa would in fact by shuttered in the coming months and that user would have until May 1st to keep using the service. Those working with the desktop application will just have until March 15th, before the application fails to work. Fortunately, content from Picasa has been automatically moved over to Google Photos and will just require users to log in to see their content.


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