Reported in 2014 that Microsoft would allow users to recover the digital money Bitcoin to buy content on the organization’s different digital distribution platforms. Notwithstanding, a recently found page on Microsoft’s site expresses that the organization will no more allow users to recover their Bitcoins.

Microsoft Store doesn’t accept Bitcoin. You can no more redeem Bitcoin into your Microsoft account.

While the new page does not offer many details, Bogdan Popa of Softpedia, who initially reported the news, has speculated that for Microsoft, “the number of transactions based on Bitcoin and performed in the store was probably very small,” and that the organization in all probability chose to cease support based on this.

For those of you who still have Bitcoin in your Microsoft account, you can still use it for new buys, yet you won’t be able to redeem new Bitcoin going forward.

Existing balances in your account will be available for buys from Microsoft Store, yet can’t be refunded.

Bitcoin is one of the world’s most well known forms of digital money, however late advancements have certainly reduced its appeal. In January, a report supported by the U.S. government proposed that the cash’s ability to preserve security might help adversarial groups and a later study recommended that it is a subject of various confusions.


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