The wait is finally going to be over. Earlier Nintendo announced of bringing the Nintendo Switch Online service by this September. But, they did not confirm any date. And now it is confirmed that the online service of this game will be launched by the second half of September. Nintendo, the Japanese giant gaming company delayed but they are finally making it available.

Most of the gaming giants offer this service from the day 1. But, Nintendo was the one to lack this service. Anyways, now fans can enjoy the online gaming service at their best.

Nintendo Switch Online To Soon Arrive By Second Half Of September
Nintendo Switch Online To Soon Arrive By Second Half Of September

The excellent features of Nintendo Switch Online are as follows:


  • Fans can enjoy online play in the compatible games such as ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Cart 8 Deluxe, Mario Cart Aces etc.
  • Nintendo Entertainment System is another excellent feature of this service. It will allow users to enjoy a classic selection of the NES game with the added online play.
  • Save data cloud backup will allow the users to save the gaming data online for easy and quick access. So, it becomes much simpler to retrieve the game in case you buy a new system or else loses the one you have.

However, in order to enjoy the Nintendo Switch Online service, you need to have a persistent internet connection. Also, it requires a compatible smartphone or tablet. Data charges will be applicable.

So, wait for a few more days for the service to launch. Nothing is confirmed yet about the pricing information. A pre-order option is also available. Users can go for pre-ordering the 3-12 months of membership from the selected retailers.

Also, in case you are already an owner of the Nintendo Switch, you still have to buy the membership to avoid disruption of the online play.

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