Nintendo is said to add their innovative and creative ideas in their upcoming NX system for which the game lovers are waiting eagerly. With so many speculations doing around about this NX system, finally, Eurogamer informed that Nintendo NX will be a portable console with two detachable controllers.

Nintendo NX Will Be A Portable Console With Two Detachable Controllers

And this news is confirmed as the website has cited several sources for this report. The two controllers are attached to the two sides of the screen while they can be attached and detached in need.

Nintendo NX will be a portable console with detachable controllers
Nintendo NX will be a portable console with detachable controllers

So, the size will become smaller enough with the controllers detached and it can be carried easily with you anywhere. In order to start enjoying any game, just take out the screen, attach or detach the two controllers and that’s it. Also those interested in enjoying the game on a bigger screen, a special docking station is there to help out them on which the console will sit perfectly.

According to the report, the console will not make use of Android rather it will run on their proprietary operating system. It is also said the company is going to reintroduce the cartridges as a form of the distributing games rather than a disc.

Another news is that this NX system will be powered by Nvidia Tegra mobile processor but not the one from AMD which indicates the console might not be enough stronger like PS4 or Xbox One. This also clears that Nvidia is not actually interested in jumping into the competition with Sony and Microsoft rather they would like to march in the beats of their own.

This device is all set to be launched by March of the next year, so wait till then and the whole picture will become clearer then.