As a latecomer to smartphone games, Nintendo seems to have made up for all its losses with the launch of “Pokemon Go“. The Japanese Company was almost history when the latest game was launched in the Unites States. Well, the company now seems to be making history by the increased number of users of the game. The game is yet to be launched in Japan.

Nintendo is Back in Limelight with the Launch of Pokemon Go
Nintendo is Back in Limelight with the Launch of Pokemon Go

Nintendo might have missed the mobile and online revolutions and slow to familiarize with the smartphone age but now since they are doing it they seem to be doing it tremendously well. According to Kubota “Pokenomics” could turn tables for Nintendo and help increase their revenues whereas other analysts point out about the revenue to be limited as the game is free except for some features which help in gain revenue.

Pokemon Go Comprises of Includes Looking For The Digital Creature

The original Pokemon game features collecting imaginary monsters through various magical lands whereas Pokemon Go comprises of includes looking for the digital creature which suddenly come up on your smartphone as you move around in the actual world. There have been many who have injured in the United States while pursuing the monsters.

There has been a gush in the stocks of Nintendo since the launch of the game in United State and a single share seems to be trading at about 26,500 yen ($250) in Tokyo which is upped more than 40%. Even the staff of Nintendo seems to be mystified by the amazing response the game has received overseas.

With “Pokemon Go” on the go, it looks like the vision of former Nintendo President Late Satoru Iwata is finally going to be true.


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