Back in November 2016, Nintendo released the Miniature Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Console. It was widely popular and was received with great enthusiasm, so much so that by the end of the year (with a total period of a month and a half on sale) it had sold 1.5 million units worldwide. Now it is rumored that Nintendo will follow up the success of last year’s micro-console with the release of its super popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Eurogamer reported that sources close to the company have stated that the micro SNES is slated for a release date so that it is available just in time for Christmas 2017.

It is also said that Nintendo will continue with the simple plug and play format of the micro NES. The SNES was an extremely popular console in its day, probably one of the most popular consoles of all time.

Nintendo might launch a miniature SNES before Christmas
Nintendo might launch a miniature SNES before Christmas

It boasted some of the greatest titles to become classics, most of whom went on to become full-fledged franchises.

These include The Legends of Zelda, Mario, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Metroid and Castlevania to name a few. It’s easy to see how this console will sell like hotcakes. It will be nostalgic for older gamers and still has appeal with the younger curious population wanting to know what their predecessors enjoyed so much about it.

Nintendo didn’t understand just how much popular the mini NES would be. They were surprised when it became more than just a Christmas special and hopefully want the mini SNES to receive similar acclaim.

The mini NES was discontinued in early April 2017, partly to start work on producing the new mini SNES. The mini NES came with 30 games and wired controllers. It easily connected to modern TVs. Hopefully, the mini SNES will be similar.


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