Long known only for their desktop and office productivity instruments, Microsoft has been working at changing its image in the course of recent years and no place is that more apparent than with their science fiction like HoloLens. If you’re not familiar with this upcoming product, take a couple of minutes to read our hands-on account of the experience or, if you’re in a hurry, this takeaway from the demo:

I can’t remember the last time I almost peed my pants with excitement while trying with a Redmond product.

Today, at a Super Bowl 50 panel discussion entitled, “The Future of Football: How Technology Could Shape the Next 50 Years of the Game,” Microsoft laid out their vision of how NFL football and HoloLens could work together to bring fans an even better experience at home. In the video, you can see that the vision includes virtually expanding the measure of your screen so that you can see more of the stadium, however that is just scratching the surface. Some other thoughts being bandied about include having an outline of the stadium appear on your coffee table, allowing you to see replays all alone terms, and having life-sized multi holograms of the players standing in your living room, displaying updated stats while demonstrating to you the specific throwing motions from the previous play.

While none of this will be ready for this Sunday’s big game, it’s exciting to see Microsoft be a genuine innovation partner with the NFL and not only a supplier of Surface tablets for the sidelines. If the early reports are genuine, the HoloLens will be a major deal, and if you’re a developer who has $3,000 and wants to play with the latest and greatest, they’re expected to begin delivering this quarter.


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