Last month was all about Updates in Android Phones with 7.1.2 beta. From Google Pixelto Nexus 5X with Nexus Player and Pixel C Series with Google Pixel XL, all these got updated. It was announced at that time that Nexus 6P would be getting an update soon too. Well seems like yesterday was the day for Nexus 6P Update to new Android 7.1.2 Beta version!

If you own Nexus 6P and haven’t received an update yet, well simply go to and sign in using your email address that is synced with your phone. Click on “Enroll Device” next to the phone you want to, well, enroll. Go ahead and accept the terms, read all of the boilerplate warnings, and click on join Beta.

Nexus 6P just got updated!
Nexus 6P just got updated!

The Android 7.1.2 beta weighs in at 1.3 GB and is being sent out on a staggered basis. If you haven’t yet received the update on your Nexus 6P, be patient. Android 7.1.2 beta will hit your phone shortly.

Nexus 6P Lacks Fingerprint Gesture

For other phones with updated version, the fingerprint gesture that lets you swipe to get notifications but One small thing about the Android 7.1.2 beta for the Nexus 6P is that it lacks fingerprint gestures support. It’s possible that Google might add it to the final version of 7.1.2, but at the moment, it looks like 6P owners who really like this feature won’t get it in this beta release, unlike lucky Nexus 5X owners.

Android 7.1.2 is an incremental maintenance release focused on refinements, so it includes a number of bug fixes and optimizations, along with a small number of enhancements for carriers and users.

Google said in its announcement, without actually detailing any new features.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this new update in the market then!


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