The space exploration game No Man’s Sky is about to release the massive “Next” update next week. This free update is going to be released on 24th July for PlayStation, PC, and Xbox for the first time.

"Next" Update in No Man's Sky
“Next” Update in No Man’s Sky

Here are few updates that can be noticed from the trailer:


Now you can play your favorite game with your friends. You can team up with friends to explore the universe together. You can also personalize your appearance with the help of character customization.

Improved Visuals

The update has more improved visuals. The space visuals make space more beautiful than the previous version. More details are added to ships, buildings, and NPCs.

Unlimited Base Buildings

Bases can be built anywhere on the planet. This update has increased the base size limit and the complexity.

Improved Freighter

The update has improved the fighter base buildings that has allows the truly custom capital ship.

More Additions in the Game

  • New icon added for solo AI ships
  • Joypad and keyboard controls are added
  • Faction icon on galactic map added
  • Buildings can be scanned now and names can be fixed
  • Ships can also be scanned
  • Rockets added to the starting ships

Improvements in the Game

  • Audios in the game have been improved
  • Vehicle boost timing is improved
  • Ship handling when boost upgrades are improved
  • Visuals of the game have improved

Features that have been fixed

  • S-class ships have been fixed which were having incorrect pricing and number of slots.
  • Text truncation on binoculars is fixed.
  • Occasional hangs are fixed.
  • Traveling through the galaxy has been fixed.
  • Occasional crash while rendering is fixed.

No Man’s Sky has undergone extreme visual overhauls along with third and first person availability. This “Next” update would make the game more interesting and better than the previous version.

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