Smartphone screen can, now, do things that you have never dreamed of

Smartphone in present age has become the need of everyone around. Nobody can live without a smartphone. People forget to take care even of their personality and health, but never forget to take good care of their smartphone. They don’t forget to keep it with them and use them before sleep.

The New Wonder of Smartphone Screen
The New Wonder of Smartphone Screen

Some people even undergo health issues for overuse of this device. They forget to sleep but don’t forget to use their smartphone and go on being entertained. This creates lots of health problems like a headache, restlessness, physical and mental weakness and other issues in relation to this.

The brighter side of smartphones is that it introduced a technology that has made the world a global village; the distances are no more a cause of grief among relatives living at distances from one another.

Nobody in the present age will be unaware of these wonders of a smartphone, but there is a wonder you may not know and will be stupefied on reading.

Recent researches have dug out another fantastic feature of smartphone that will astonish and help you a lot. That wonder feature is done by the screen of a smartphone.

The frequent use of mobile phones has created the problem of short battery life among users, they want long battery life so that their phone is always present to receive their commands and fulfill their demands.

The experts have made a LED that not only omits and absorbs light, but also convert light into electricity like solar technology.

The specialists are busy in enabling it to absorb more colors to be more competent and compatible with new emerging technologies.

However, it is an amazing and helpful technology for every smartphone lover around the world.


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