Back in October, Microsoft hosted a Windows 10 Mobile media briefing in Japan – and maybe the most memorable announcement from that occasion was the unveiling of the uncommonly stylish NuAns NEO, an upper-mid-range cell phone that we got our hands on at CES a month ago.

However, among other details revealed at the occasion was the news that VAIO – Sony’s former PC business, which it sold to an investment store in 2014 – was dealing with another Windows 10 Mobile gadget. As reports, VAIO will uncover that handset later this week.

The gadget is set to be revealed by VAIO president Ota Yoshimi at an occasion on February 4, close by Microsoft Japan boss Takuya Hirano, among others.

According to WMPU, VAIO said a year ago that its new Windows 10 Mobile handset would target business buyers with mid-range specs, including that the gadget would likewise include support for the operating system’s PC-like Continuum mode. It sounds like it might well end up with a similar set of specs to the NuAns NEO, which features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor, 2GB RAM and 16GB of capacity, and also includes Continuum support.


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