Some new features are expected to be added to the Windows 10 operating system. The Windows Ink Workspace is the one which will probably get the new cool features and insiders have already been a quick look.

Insiders with Microsoft who managed to install the latest Windows 10 Preview for PCs and the mobile devices have said that users will now be able to doodle with their photos and write on them with Ink.

New Windows 10 gives users a chance to use Ink on their photos
New Windows 10 gives users a chance to use Ink on their photos

To have this feature, all they have to do is to tap on the Draw option as they are viewing their picture in the Photos app after which the Workspace toolbar will show up. After that, they can choose from the pen, the pencil and also all the new calligraphy pen tools.

Combined Ink Protractor

Microsoft is also combining the combined Ink protractor and also compass it into a single tool which they will call Stencil. With this person will be able to draw arcs and circles quickly and easily too.

What is even better is that the Ink platform can use the final product but also can help with the drawing process which makes it easier to share some masterpieces with their friends as a photo or a short video.

Microsoft has also released some new features other than the new Ink feature. The new update comes with a new and beefed up Camera app. The new app has a better timer for the photos and a capture button.

Camera Roll

It also consists of a much more accessible camera roll placement and also a zoom slider together with some prominent front and rear facing camera switch icons. PC users are also able to tap the space bar so that they could capture the pictures. Microsoft has also decided to toss in some features together with some bug fixes here and there in the preview version.


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