Apple’s New WatchOS 3 was Revealed at WWDC on Monday.

WatchOS 3 shows that it not just an operating system, but it’s also an admission of Apple that it went all wrong with its first interaction of Apple Watch. It is less of a revamp of Watch but more of a rescue mission of Watch. A clear attempt to remove the old software and give people something that they care about. Even though it’s rare happening for Apple to admit that their previous version wasn’t good enough, but Kevin Lynch, VP of Technology at Apple, kept the earlier version as a benchmark for the current performance.

Apple’s New WatchOS 3
Apple’s New WatchOS 3

According to experts at the Verge: The next attempt, on an Apple Watch running the new software, was a don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it moment. The message was clear, and if it wasn’t, Apple bullet-pointed it for us: both native apps and third-party apps will load much faster on watchOS three since favorite apps will be kept in the device’s memory. But Apple first had to admit that the current software has been painfully slow.

Apple WatchOS 3 now provides better computability with the phone, integrating third party apps, emergency call function, multiplying options for screens and background- you don’t have the moment to look at your screen, but you can just swipe across edge to edge to go through applications. Apple is finally ditching the idea of app glances, and making it more favorable for the users. Users will now have the app dock, accessible by a physical button, to swipe through recent apps, and tap on them to launch, and interact with them.

Based on the demo shown at WWDC, the idea now looks simpler, easier, and interactive. We’ll wait till the launch to develop our opinion. Till then.


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