Microsoft Games who supplies the Xbox One free games with the Gold July program are updated with Xbox 360 and next generation console. The Gold July lined up games have been refreshed with new titles for the purpose of downloading and playing by the fans.

Games like The Banner Saga 2, which is a strategic role-playing video game created by Stoic, is open for download till the end of July. Whereas The Crew has formally switched places with Tumblestone. As for Tumblestone, it has made its official entrance in the Xbox One as a Game with gold title and is downloadable till mid-August.

New Updates On The Xbox Games
New Updates On The Xbox Games

The fans of Star Wars Battlefront have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of the original title by the end of this year. They have high hopes of an offline mode of the game, as promised by the developer this summer. According to a few leaked screenshots of the Instant Action Mode, the rumour of the offline battles with a friend or by yourself has been confirmed.

Along with conforming the Single player expansion DICE have also confirmed the fans as to when they can expect the Star Wars Battlefront to arrive. Added to this by Dennis Brannvall, the lead designer of the game was, that female versions of few characters would be added soon and that the fans can expect the Death Star DLC to release within the next eight weeks.

Sam Rivera, the lead producer of FIFA 17, let the cat out of the bag, revealing the new game plan. Two new driven shots have been added to the game, one is a low shot, which is powered like a normal shot but you need to press the shoot button and again on coming in contact with the ball. Many other changes like this have been made in the game.


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