Google is updating its map app, Google Maps, and new features are being applied to the app. The features are only being rolled out to a few lucky users at the moment with a mass rollout expected later. Some of the new features include the mass transit delay notifications, and also the option to restrict data usage to Wifi only.

The new features were part of the ones that were introduced to Google Maps, but sadly at the moment it seems like they are only being offered in parts as part of stage roll outs, which means some people do not have them yet.

New Update on Google Maps App
New Update on Google Maps App

But to look and check if you are part of the initial lucky people to have the update is easy. The Wifi restriction option is pretty easy to check because if you go to settings, a new toggle appears with the title “Wifi only”.

If it is there then you can go offline. This option was once titled offline areas. It also provides a link to the same screen if the description on the link is clicked on. The only difference is that it has been given a new switch and a new title. However tapping on it will entirely remove the map app from cellular data and also open configuration screen for the various offline areas.

When the Wifi only mode is activated, a pop up screen will show saying that there might be a small use of data during the operation. When the Wifi switch is on, a small bar will always show across the top screen so that it will be easily identifiable.

The mass transit notification delay is also available. Users who travel via bus or train will be happy about this feature. Google has decided to roll out customizable notifications for the mass transit delays. Screenshots of the new feature show a welcoming message together with a configuration screen which has an option to turn on the disruption alerts.

New Update Will Be A Thing of Good Use for The Regular Users of the Google Maps App

The new update will be a thing of good use for the regular users of the Google Maps app. At the moment, it seemed like the update is being rolled based on the account. If many devices are connected to one account then they will see the update on all devices. Users for Android devices need to at least have the Maps v9.32 installed.