The popular dating app, Tinder, has announced a new friend finding feature which is called Tinder Social. The whole idea of the app is to make it easy and useful for a user and their groups of friends to try and find and connect with other groups in the real world. The app will work similar to how Tinder works in finding new prospective dates. The Tinder Social App lets groups swipe to the left and be able to match with all the groups they want.

The only bad thing about the feature at the moment is that it is using default data, thereby showing people which friends of theirs from Facebook are using the Tinder app, something which other people might not be okay with at the moment.

New Tinder App, Tinder Social, Reveals Facebook Friends Using Tinder

Another worry with people is that they are worried the app now wants you to find group sex. This might not be a new thing since there is already a threesome “Tinder” called 3nder.

Tinder is only experimenting with a small group of people at the moment with the feature at the moment in Australia, so there is no need to worry yet.

The oversight with Tinder is that on its App Store download page it mentions that all actions on the app including swiping left and right are private and they would not post anything on your Facebook accounts. But moving into the friend finding space makes it less private.

However, the idea of group dates and group settings is not new. Meetups are common for most dating companies and even some dating startups such as Grouper has attempted to make the idea of a group date even much more.

A number of startups tried the feature but none has stuck with it and prospered so far.


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