For an organization that makes the larger part of its worldwide benefits from web searches, Google offers a shockingly sweeping scope of equipment – and as that range keeps on growwing, the tech giant has propelled another online store to make it simpler to discover and learn more about the numerous devices that it now offers.

The new Google Store launched yesterday, corresponding with the unveiling of the organization’s new $999 Chromebook Pixel, the successor to the high-end notebook of the same name that first went on sale two years back.

The new Pixel is only one of numerous items accessible on the firm’s new Store, which additionally showcases other Chromebooks, close by Chromecast, Android TV, Android Wear and its family of Nexus gadgets, and its Nest thermostats. Accessories for these gadgets are likewise accessible on the new store – and you can even purchase some Google Glass frames, in spite of that device being killed off in its current form earlier this year.


Yet one gadget that you won’t won’t be able to buy from the Google Store is its hugely popular Nexus 5. It emerged back in December that creation of the LG-made handset had finished, and the gadget vanished from Google’s Play Store soon afterwards. It came back to the Play Store in February, however its destiny seems to have now been sealed, as it is not listed on the organization’s new online shop.

In fact, the firm has now expelled all gadgets from the Play Store, making the Google Store the new home for every last bit of its equipment, while Play will continue to to handle software and digital content, for example, music, films, TV shows and books.

Source: Google Store


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