Its been just a week Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has reached the market. The new flagship is amazingly packed with exciting features. There is hardly anything missing in this smartphone. It is also worth noting that Galaxy Note 9 is one of the most expensive phones ever.

And already it is heard that the company will bring a new shade of the Note 9 in the US. A leaked image says that the new shade of Note 9 will be silver with a blue hue on the frame.

A New Shade Of Galaxy Note 9 To Arrive soon
A New Shade Of Galaxy Note 9 To Arrive Soon


Samsung initially launched Galaxy Note 9 in four color options. The colors are Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Metallic Copper, and Lavender Purple. However, the added color option silver will only be available in the US market now. And later on, it will reach to another region as well.

The leaked image also indicates that the Silver color Note 9 will have a same color S Pen. It will be most probably available in two options, 128 GB, and 512 GB variants. However, the official name of this color is still not confirmed by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an amazing smartphone ever with excellent features and specifications. The bigger 4000 mAH battery, dual lens camera with variable aperture, smart stylus, the heat dissipation system, the desktop, and other features made the note really unique.

The Heat Dissipation System

The heat dissipation system in this Galaxy Note 9 is an added benefit that is not present in any other phone. And the new color variant Silver too will carry the same feature.

Just like this new shade will be exclusive to the US region, it will also be exclusive to retailer Best Buy. So, if you are eager to get the silver shade of Galaxy Note 9, check out Best Buy for the best deal.

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