Hoverboards have been making the news within the last year, which isn’t at all surprising. After all, the hoverboard first made its real foray into pop culture in Back to the Future when Marty McFly zipped through a landscape that is now our current place in time on one. With an introduction in a film that’s so beloved, how can the hoverboard not be something that many consumers are waiting for on the edge of their seats?

New Samsung Hoverboard Probably Won’t Explode
New Samsung Hoverboard Probably Won’t Explode

So far, all of the hoverboards that have reached significant research and development stages or have been available for purchase have had an explosive landing in the market, and not in the best way possible. Hoverboards have literally been exploding, causing massive property and personal injury to those around them when they ignite, which happens for a multitude of reasons.

However, the makers of Kiwano, which claims to be the first “all terrain hoverboard”, have gone on record stating that they have a hoverboard that won’t blow up under the feet of its rider. The key? Apparently, it’s using Samsung lithium ion batteries in the board. This, among other innovations, they say, will make the Kiwano the first hoverboard on the market to meet all US safety regulations.

Bonus? It’ll also be able to link with your smartphone and play music through on-board speakers.

Whether or not this new hoverboard will meet the safety claims of its creators is still to be seen, but if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have warning on the sidewalk when one of them is coming your way so you can duck and cover if necessary.


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