A Smart Connector has been one of the features rumored for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, yet another report from Japanese site Mac Otakara recommends Apple has chosen not to include a Smart Connector on the upcoming gadgets.

The Connector initially presented with the iPad Pro, is another sort of port intended to exchange both data and power between the iPad Pro and accessories like the Smart Keyboard. It’s never been clear what reason a Smart Connector would serve on an iPhone, yet theory ran from battery cases to wireless charging.

New Rumor About iPhone 7's Smart Connector

Insights that a Smart Connector would be included on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus initially surfaced in a picture said to be of the iPhone 7 Plus shared by a Chinese site in March. It is still not clear whether that picture depicts a real iPhone 7 gadget, a mockup based on design schematics, or a fake gadget. A Smart Connector was also delineated in outline drawings made by Mac Fan, yet those drawings are frequently largely based on circulating rumors.

Mac Otakara proposes Apple chose to hold the Smart Connector after considering it as an included feature, however, given the questionable way of the first rumor, it’s conceivable a Smart Connector was never planned for the gadget. Rumors about the iPhone 7 are still unverifiable with a considerable measure of clashing information surfacing, so the last plan and features of the gadget keep on being open to question.

Rumors have differed on features like waterproofing, the removal of the earphone jack, the thickness of the iPhone 7, stereo speakers, whether the camera will jut, and more, yet it’s presumably a clearer photo of the iPhone 7 will rise in the months leading the way to its planned fall release.


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