Will Wright, the inventor of The Sims and SimCity, is at it again with a new mobile application, named Thred, which guarantees to help you get inventive in an entirely unexpected manner.

Thred is like other photo-sharing applications in that it gives you a chance to jazz up your snaps with filters, stickers, borders, and captions. However, it additionally gives you a chance to make and share “multi-image stories,” or threds, which are kind of like virtual scrapbooks or albums with photographs and links.

“Thred is an direct evolution of my interests in crowdsourcing, online communities, and tools that amplify the imagination,” Wright, founder and CEO of Thred, said in a statement. “Lately, I’ve been drawn more and more to new entertainment forms — ones that lead the user to become more engaged with the world around them, rather than withdrawn from it.”

When creating a new thred, you can search inside the application for pictures from the Web, use pictures in your camera roll, or snap a new photograph or photographs. You can also add a location to tell your friends and followers where you are, and spice it up your pictures with fun stickers, text, and filters. From that point, you can include hashtags, tag people, and caption it before sharing.

There’s additionally a feed where you can browse threds that other people have posted. You can sort your feed to see “recent” or “popular” posts, search for topics you’re interested in, and bookmark threds you like. When you want to view a thred in its entirety, tap on it and swipe left to flip through the pictures.

The creators of Thred said the application is useful for making everything from pics and Web comics to travel diaries and how-tos.

“One of the fundamental thoughts behind Thred is a better way to make and consume content for mobile,” Wright said. “We provide quick and easy access to the sea of personal and worldwide data we swim through every day as building blocks for the creative process.”

At this point, Thred is only available for iOS gadgets. Go to the App Store to download it for free and check it out for yourself.

Source : PC Magazine


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