The renewed version of the infamous Nokia 3310 was revealed last month. The refreshed handset, with a very retro look, used the nostalgia around one of the initial best mobile sets from Nokia. With the same incredible battery time and sturdiness, the new Nokia 3310 has surprisingly attracted plenty of interest.

The company still hasn’t released an official date or price of the phone but the interest for the device is incredibly high. In fact, this simple handset is out-performing some the most high-end smartphones that were released recently.

The New Nokia 3310 brought a Surprising response to the release
The New Nokia 3310 brought a Surprising response to the release

The firm claims that the Nokia 3310 has 10 times more pre-registrations than any mobile that were revealed this year, or by the matter, any other year. Andrew Wilson from carphone Warehouse’s explained the interest by terming the model “reliable“.

He said,

The latent nostalgia for the 3310 is backed up by a practical functionality which makes it the perfect device for a wide variety of people. As an affordable and robust product, with a legendary battery life, we are expecting many customers to see this as the ideal secondary handset, and perfectly suited to moments like festivals and traveling, where reliable simplicity is at a premium.

A new research unveiled this week said that the searches for the Nokia brand during the Mobile World Congress increased by four times. It also said that the 14% of all mobile-related searches made online were related to Nokia, placing the new retro phone only behind the technology giants Samsung.

And that’s not all; approximately 5000 units of original Nokia 3310 have been sold on eBay in the last 3 months in the UK suggesting that the new Nokia 3310 has inspired a retro revival of classic smartphones.

The firm made a smart move by using the nostalgia around one of the most popular handsets ever made.


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