PicsArt is quite popular among photo geeks and youngsters. Thanks to powerful photo editing tools it provides, PicsArt has successfully achieved over 80 million monthly active users within a short span of its launch.

To be honest, there is merely anything left to provide to PicsArt users to edit their photos since they can now give mermaid effect, galaxy freckles, etc. To go a step further, PicsArt has decided to provide their users with functionality to edit and enhance their videos as well. Here we will be discussing the new video editing app launched by PicsArt.

Magic Video App Launched By PicsArt
Magic Video App Launched By PicsArt

This new app is known as Magic Effects or Magic Video. As an evolving step in the field of artificial intelligence technology, PicsArt has now announced a video editing app that allows the user to make their videos come alive magically like never before. Using this app, one can simply convert their simple or typical video in a creative and captivating painting (moving painting indeed). This powerful video enhancing application is based on well-known artificial intelligence technology constantly evolved by PicsArt.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

This app is powered by AI thus uses AI in order to scan or analyze pictures and videos provided by users. The same technique is used to add various effects and make the picture or movie move whenever a certain effect takes place. PicsArt said that technical process behind the functionality of this app is whole a lot complicated.

Despite that, they did not hesitate to declare that artificial intelligence technology was used in the process of training these effects one after another. However, this application would not allow you to edit your full-length videos. You will require to trim and extract a short clip from those videos.

Once the application is successfully downloaded, the user is prompted to trim their videos and load them just as a short clip. Once trimming process is done there are 10 different effect options to choose from. They are listed as following:

  • Dystopia
  • Flare
  • Sketchy
  • De style
  • Animation
  • Neo-pop
  • Plain air
  • Rainbow
  • Sprayed

Once the desired effect is selected, you will have to wait for your masterpiece video merely for a few seconds or a minute. Each effect leaves its unique identity over user videos and pictures. This is not the only app announced by the company.

Photo Studio

Along with the Magic Video, PicsArt has also announced new photo studio app that holds more than three thousand different picture effects and editing tools.

These apps are launched with online community feature called remix me. In this feature, a common image is provided for registered PicsArt users to edit and upload. Where users can also view copies of the creation of other artists.

Magic Video on Apple App Store

PicsArt Magic Video app has been launched on Apple App Store worldwide for iPhone users. However, it seems like Android OS users would have to wait a little bit longer to get their hands on this beautiful app.


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