Apple last updated their MacBook Pro in 2012 June and now after long 4 years, The MacBook Pro line is again going to receive a huge update. Apple is planning to release their new 13inch and 15inch new MacBook Pro soon powered with retina display while additionally, the new sets will accompany a Touch ID sensor and a mini OLED screen just above the keyboard.

This rumour was available earlier as well but now this is being confirmed by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg.  So, no doubt the release of new MacBook Pro will be a great event to be enjoyed.

The new MacBook Pro to hit the market with OLED display and Touch ID sensor
The new MacBook Pro to hit the market with OLED display and Touch ID sensor

The plan to integrate a Touch ID sensor in the MacBook Pro will eliminate the need to type any password for unlocking the device while there is also a plan to ship the Touch ID sensor with a more secure enclave that ensures the great security of your Mac. The Password manager can take this opportunity and more importantly, Apple Pay for MacOS sierra would be much more secure in the new MacBook Pro.

The other thing to be enjoyed is the small OLED display. It will be very helpful if Apple can replace the physical keyboard with the Touch screen; however, this is not confirmed yet.

The Launch Date of New MacBook Pro Is Not Confirmed

With all these, the latest device from Apple will be lighter and thinner and will include various ports including USB Type-C ports. Under the hood, there will be a Skylake processor to provide a boost in the performance which is also designed to improve the energy consumption. You can enjoy a better Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity due to the improved chipset.

The launching date of this new MacBook Pro is still not confirmed but there is a hope that Apple can release their latest MacBook Pro in a big event in coming October.


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