Facebook finally launched the new Facebook Login tool, which was declared at last year’s F8 developers meeting. This tool will concentrate on offering users the alternative to choose what they might want to share with third-party applications and sites.

Previously, the user would need to submit all personal data, for example, date of birth, photographs, details of friend list to the application to use it. In any case, with the new provision users will be able to choose what data an application can access.

As indicated by post on Facebook, which was written a year back when the new update was initially declared, if you log into applications using your Facebook account, the application won’t be able to get to all the personal data from your account. Many people use their Facebook accounts to access applications in order to to keep away from the hassle of making separate usernames and passwords and remembering them.

With the new Login, people can choose the data an application gets to access by un-checking categories of data, one by one. If a user wishes to share their friend list with the application, however not their birth date, they can settle on that decision easily now.

Facebook declared changes to its login API, the technology application developers use so that users can easily create accounts on their applications using their Facebook accounts.

In conversation with ReCode, Simon Cross, a Facebook product manager said, “If a developer hasn’t prepared for Facebook’s update and its application is still coded to rely on parts of your Facebook data that you now withhold, it could bug out. At the same time, this is impossible”. The report included that when a user When you hit ‘Log in with Facebook’ on an application, you shall be redirected to the login approval page.