On Tuesday, Google released a new product and it is called Jamboard. This is a new product for the digital whiteboard which has been designed by the search giant specifically for enterprise customers. The new product will feature two stylus pens and will also have a digital eraser which can enable the user to write on it and erase anything on it too just like a normal whiteboard.

The Jamboard is being advertised as a new way to collaborate together in the workplace. It also enables you to use with other colleagues around the world who might be using the Jamboard program.

Information is easily shareable through the web or via one companion app which will be on the smartphone or the tablet.

When a brainstorming session is done, the user can easily store the contents in the Google Drive cloud and will be easily shared with other users. This new feature will be good for people as they don’t have to write, Do not erase on the board as they leave the conference room again.

New Jamboard released by Google is a 55-inch
New Jamboard released by Google is a 55-inch

The board comes with a 55-inch touchscreen which has 4K resolution on it. It is also equipped with one HD webcam, Wifi and also internal speakers. Software wise, the Jamboard has with it features such as sticky notes, stencils and handwriting and shape recognition. It also senses when you use fingers to wipe various things off the screen. In a way, it is portable having only one cable and can be mounted on a stand with wheels.

The Jamboard is expected to launch at $6,000 from next year.


The new Jamboard will put two tech giants at loggerheads again as Microsoft currently has the Surface Hub on the market. The Microsoft Hub is a large screen device which was released last year. Google says that some of their enterprise customers such as Netflix and Spotify had already started experimenting with Jamboard.


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