The last two versions of iOS to be released have caused many iPhone users much distress when they found that they could no longer click on links while browsing the web without experiencing a crash on their phones.

This is understandably an Achilles heel in the functionality of any smartphone OS since the devices are centered on the act of web browsing. To meet the swift and brutal public backlash, Apple released a new version of iOS, 9.3.1, which was really only released to tackle this bug in previous versions.

New iOS Works In Some Ways, Not In Others
New iOS Works In Some Ways, Not In Others

If you have experienced the link tapping bug with your iPhone, it is recommended that you upgrade to 9.3.1 to patch it. However, if you haven’t begun to experience this particularly frustrating glitch in the matrix, it isn’t necessary for you to upgrade your phone.

There isn’t any jailbreaking capability out for the new OS yet, and in addition to that, a patch for the link crashing bug is the only new thing offered in this version of iOS. There are no extra security features, nor are there any new functionality features for users to look forward to.

There are, however, some reports of issues with iOS 9.3.1 negatively affecting battery life, photo syncing, iMessage, and iBooks. None of the Apple Support Community threads on these issues have picked up momentum towards a fix, so it would appear that the best course of action, if your phone is working for you now, would just be to sit pretty where you are in your iOS version.


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