New Images of HTC 10

New Images of HTC 10New Images of HTC 10

New pictures of HTC’s upcoming new leader Android telephone have begun coursing the web, being attributed to a Disqus user going by Angt29. The photographs are of a genuine, clearly working gadget and do a good job of highlighting HTC’s new design philosophy. The gadget is demonstrated front and back, similar to the past leak, but since of the gold color we do see a couple of new details.

The gold coloring will reach out to a slight trim around the front of gadget, framing the screen pleasantly. The absence of speaker grill filled metal bezels makes the gadget look significantly more subtle, and to a lesser extent a departure from other high selling telephones. The back holds a large portion of the features from the M9 with a change of the camera sensor and in addition more characterized edges.

It is expected that HTC will report the 10 in short order and is rumored to contain a Snapdragon 820 SoC with 4GB RAM powering a 5.15″ QHD display.

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