Are you one of them who keeps dropping their Smartphone very often accidentally? Then get ready to live a worry free life as the glass maker company Corning recently unveiled their latest version of Gorilla Glass named as Gorilla Glass 5 which is the successor of Gorilla Glass 4.

This 4 version was introduced in 2014 and it was made twice stronger than its previous version but this year’s version is something different that is taking the Gorilla Glass to a new height.

New Gorilla Glass 5 is Coming to Withstand Epic Smartphone Drops
New Gorilla Glass 5 is Coming to Withstand Epic Smartphone Drops

Gorilla Glass 4 was made to withstand around the pocket level or lower dropping but a report revealed that around 85% people accidentally drop their Smartphone at least once a year and 2/3 rd that is 63% drops happen from shoulder or waist height. So, it needed a more strong protection and according to the company Corning they understood this situation and was trying to come up with something that can withstand more than a meter drop. Gorilla Glass 5 is the result of that.

This new version promised to survive a drop of 1.6 meters than is 5 feet 2 inches. It is still not clear that what all devices will make use of this glass, however, around 4.5 billion phone utilize Gorilla Glass in their devices globally and this year Ford has announced their GT model will incorporate Gorilla glass windshield while some of the ATMs too declared of having glass protection in their display.

We Are Going To Get The Best One, Gorilla Glass 5

Corning first introduced Gorilla Glass in 2007 after which they continued bringing a more rigid version in every two years and finally we are going to get the best one Gorilla Glass 5. This version is in production phase now, so you need to wait for few more months to get the real taste of it.


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