Google is releasing a new cool iOS intended keyboard, and it’s definitely something you are going to want to see. The new app is called Gboard for iOS. Gboard is the new keyboard that Google has intentionally made for the iOS system. It works like most keyboards in the typing area and also for gesture swiping of words.

The most notable part of the keyboard, however, is the addition of the Google button at the top left corner of the keyboard. The button gives users the chance to do Google searches from the keyboard itself without having to leave the app that you are in. You can then include the Google search you have done in your typing and conversation that you are having.

New Google keyboard, Gboard, released exclusively for iOS
New Google keyboard, Gboard, released exclusively for iOS

For example, if you are in an app like WhatsApp or Hangouts or iMessage or Gmail, and you are in a conversation with your friend and you guys decide to get some lunch together or watch a movie, or any other thing friends do together. You can search for any of the stuff you want to do by simply tapping the Google button on the keyboard and then tap on the results so that they can show up in the conversation you are having.

There is also an option to search for emojis, share GIFs with your friends, and all other things that Google can do. This can all be included in the conversations.

When users asked why the app was only going to be iOS exclusive, Bri Connelly one “product @ Google employee” said the firm was working on ways they could make the same best version available on iOS also available for Android devices. So Android users do not have to worry at the moment, the app will definitely come to Android, but when we don’t know.


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