Giphy Keys, the new free iOS keyboard from the gif obsessed website might just be one of the best keyboard apps on the iOS App Store. It is making texting so much better.

Easy to install, just as any app from the App Store is when you get to the top row of the app you see all the software keys. This is where all gif navigations are done, and the rest of the interface of the keyboard is just nothing but just a rudimentary keyboard. There is an option to search for specific gifs by certain keywords, or even more spectacularly for the current generation by reactions such as ‘WTF’ or ‘OMG’, or by simply browsing through your categories. When you see the desired gif a simple tap on it makes it available on the clipboard.

New gif keyboard, Giphy Keys, now available on iOS App Store for iPhone
New gif keyboard, Giphy Keys, now available on iOS App Store for iPhone

The app is till new and young to be compared to older and more tested typing apps such Swype and SwiftKey or in other words any other typing keyboard you may know. It also does not feature auto correct and any swipe to type features. The director of mobile products at Giphy’s, Jillian Fisher, told reporters that the app was counting on becoming useful gif search engine first before venturing into anything else. Better keyboard functionality was something that was in the pipeline at the moment.

Giphy Keys Pretty Easy to Use

Compared to some of the available gif keyboards on the market right now, Giphy is pretty easy to use. The gif search function of the app is actually minimal as compared to the overall keyboard which helps in making the screen feel less cluttered. The Giphy supplies the keyboard library with stuff from its constantly updated well-populated website.

The Giphy keyboard is not aiming to be a keyboard replacement ( at the moment ), but it’s a good tool to have in the keyboard and texting arsenal that’s for sure.


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