LG Innotek has built up a unique fingerprint scanner that is put under a glass surface rather than in a physical button, announced Sunday.

The new sensor could lead cell phones that you can open by putting your finger on the telephone screen.

New Fingerprint Scanner From LG
New Fingerprint Scanner From LG

The LG-owned electronics parts manufacturer accomplished this by removing a 0.01-inch thick slot in the lower part of a cell phone’s cover glass and after that inserting a dainty fingerprint sensor into it. In other words, the sensor is still under the cover glass, yet the opening moves the sensor sufficiently close to the surface to read a fingerprint.

That way, the sensor is protected from water and scratches and can be installed anyplace under the telephone’s glass surface.

Button-based Fingerprint Scanner

According to LG, the recognition accuracy of its module is comparable to that of a button-based fingerprint scanner. The likelihood of the sensor accepting the wrong fingerprint is 0.002%.

There’s no word on when we’ll see the new sensor installed into genuine telephones, however, LG is already chatting with potential clients.


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