American company Google has reported plans to include two new gimmicks, ‘on-body detection’ and ‘smart lock’ which basically uses the accelerometer on the phone and judges whether the telephone is being used or laid on a surface.

As per the site, if the telephone is unlocked and in your hand or in your pocket, the gadget will keep itself opened. However if you lay it on the table or on some other flat surface, the telephone will consequently lock itself.

The gadget can’t judge who is using the telephone, so even if we hand over telephone to a companion adjacent, it will follow the same protocol. This can be a security concern, particularly if the gadget is stolen.

It’s only an accommodation feature, and one that can be alternatively enabled to give you a chance to all the more effectively get to your gadget, yet it adds an alternative to Android’s growing stable of approaches to make more advantageous for the clients.

The feature was apparently seen on a Nexus 4 running Android 5.0.1 and Nexus 6 running Android 5.1. But its unclear as of right now if this feature is limited to Android 5.0+ gadgets. At the point when made available, this can be accessed from Settings – Security – Smart Lock.

Google might slowly reveal this gimmick to all Lollipop gadgets, but it’s still limited to a modest bunch of Nexus smart phones.


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