It seems Google is now really doing a great job to make Google Now much better, with Google Assistant not that far. First Explore Interest was introduced in Google Now that was a really useful feature which lets users add things they are interested in so that Google can keep a track of that and can update users on those topics.

Also autocomplete improvements, laying the groundwork for assistant are other things added in Google Now to make it much better.

Home Tab Will Be Used to Redirect to The Google Now Homepage

And now Google’s plan is to fill the bottom row tab with the Home and Dashboard tabs. While it is pretty prominent that Home tab will be used to redirect to the Google Now homepage, the ideal work of Dashboard is not understandable from the tab name.

A New Tab "Dashboard" In Google Now Is In Testing Phase
A New Tab “Dashboard” In Google Now Is In Testing Phase

Well, the Dashboard tab will be used to collect all the data from different Google services after which all of them will be pooled to the Dashboard tab. It can include reminder, to-do list, events on the calendar, photos from Assistant to Google photos, email to reply to and more.

This feature will work only with Nexus Launcher as of now and not much information regarding it is available yet. Google is now performing the internal test and this came to the light only because of the Nexus Launcher leak. When the new Nexus phones are released, their bottom row tab with Home and Dashboard will only be available on those devices.

Also, it is not confirmed if Google app v6.3 beta will be required for this to work out. However, this addition will really look great and no doubt the Dashboard tab will be the great evolution in Google Now irrespective of the intention and cause behind this tab.


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