New Bootcamp Doesn’t Support Windows 7

At its March “Spring Forward” event Apple unveiled a brand-new MacBook and redesigned the current harvest of MacBook Airs and Pros with new CPUs and a cheaper price – and, it appears to be, removed the ability to run Windows 7 in Boot Camp.

As indicated by the Boot Camp support documentation (spotted by MacRumors), Windows 7 is no more supported on the new machines. Though programming, for example, Parallels or VM Ware runs Windows on top of Mac OSX, Boot Camp allows the Mac to natively boot to Windows, effectively allowing Windows software on Mac equipment. In 2013, Apple dropped support for Windows 7 on the Mac Pro and it now appears like the other hardware lines will follow.

With Windows 10 coming in the summer, Apple dropping support for an operating system released back in 2009 isn’t surprising. Boot Camp is one of the more popular approaches to run Windows, as both Parallels and VM Ware carry a hefty price. Macintosh Pro clients were not happy when Windows 7 support was dropped in 2013, however Windows 10’s reintegration of numerous Windows 7 features is likely to appease most.

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