Good news, YouTubers: Now you can blur anything you want in a video.

The Google’s video site has given you a chance to blur faces in videos since 2012, but is currently expanding this feature to give you a chance to blur out specific objects or people as they move in your video.

To try out the new custom blurring feature, tap the Blurring effects tab, then select Custom blurring, and Edit. From that point, you can basically click and drag a box over what you want to blur. The tool will then automatically blur that object as it moves all through your footage.

You can also keep the blurred area from moving at all, if you so choose, by clicking “Lock” in the timeline. If you have to blur multiple areas in the video, that is also possible — simply click and drag new boxes over the extra parts you want to hide.

When you make a blurred box, you can easily click and drag to move it to a different place, or click any corner to resize it. You also have the option to specify when the blurring begins and ends; simply click and drag the ends of the timeline to set when it happens.

Obviously, you can also still blur only the faces in a video by clicking the Blurring effects tab, then Blur faces, and Apply.

Meanwhile, YouTube not long ago jumped into original content with three exclusive films and one original series for subscribers of its $10-per-month YouTube Red service. The original series, Scare PewDiePie, features popular video game vlogger PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) attempting his best to deal with all kinds of crazy, live-action horror games.


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