What is NetSpot Pro?

NetSpot Pro is the tool using which one can scrutinize wireless network. The heat-mapping abilities of the app help to detect dead spots and enhance access point locations. Also, NetSpot scrutinizes WLAN interference to decide the best channels which can be used by access points. A specialized report can effortlessly be accumulated that offers a comprehensive scrutiny of wireless network.

A powerful analyser, NetSpot Pro immediately detects the best Wi-Fi coverage. A few clicks load the area map and points the exact location of the user on the map and NetSpot Pro begins to collect Wi-Fi data in the surroundings of the user. It assembles all the necessary information for access point’s effective location, studies all radio signal leakages, and discovers source of noise.

NetSpot Pro

NetSpot can also be used as a potent wireless network planning tool. Simply load a map, gather wireless site survey data, build a heat-map of the network and the user is prepared to form the optimal configuration of a fresh Wi-Fi network and wise radio channels usage with minimum signal to sound ratio.

What’s New in NetSpot Pro?

Version 2.4.623


  • AP indicators comes in 3 new sizes
  • Preference to export only the surveyed part of the map
  • Easily copies network’s name and MAC-address on the clipboard

Enhanced Features

  • Adds custom aliases to networks in the sidebar
  • Display Heat-map generation on Retina
  • Map calibration

NetSpot Pro Experience

There are two ways in which you can use NetSpot Pro:

  • As a Wi-Fi detector
  • As an advanced tool to assemble hardware and a router in order to create a powerful network.

On starting the NetSpot Pro it rapidly picked up many of signals, and acknowledged the strength of each, whether they were open for use or not or they were password-protected, SSID.

If a user desires to check where the signals are the weakest and strongest within your instant locality, NetSpot Pro has a solution for this too. When a user clicks a spot on the screen, NetSpot Pro examines the zone for accessible wireless networks. If required NetSpot Pro will prompt one to walk the area with your laptop so user can check for different strengths in various parts of the room. The feature doesn’t do any good to desktop users.

The app adds this information of the measurement taken so a user can draw floor plans to scale and once the dead points are identified at office or home the problem of poor network can be solved by buying a repeater to boost signal strength or relocate the router.


  • The mapping tool of the app is an exclusively wonderful feature which identifies dead zones, weak and strong Wi-Fi signals.
  • The app is absolutely free for download.


  • Although a wonderful inclusion the Mapping tool isn’t desktop friendly.


NetSpot Pro is a brilliant free Mac efficacy which lets its users scan their area for Wi-Fi signals, and also create floor plans top matched for transporting strong wireless connections to the user’s device. Although because of immobility the desktop users might not be able to reap the benefits of the mapping tool the laptop users who have even the slightest interest in their surrounding wireless networks then NetSpot Pro is an app which must be downloaded.

You can go to the website of NetSpot and download the app or there are many other websites from where you can download the app. Ensure the site is genuine and the reviews are good.


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