The most popular streaming platform Netflix is rolling out, their own speed test tool in the Android and iOS mobile. The best thing to enjoy is, you do not have to be a member of Netflix for enjoying this tool. is used to quickly check the current speed of your internet connection. It was introduced by Netflix back in May and since then people are using this tool greatly to check their internet speed. No doubt is a good alternative of from the well-known Ookla.

Great News, Netflix’s Speed Test Tool Just Arrived On Android And iOS
Great News, Netflix’s Speed Test Tool Just Arrived On Android And iOS

However, a question may arise in many minds that why to use this tool while it does provide information nothing regarding the latency, jitter, and ping. Well, the answer is is the simplest tool and targeted towards those who are looking to have the accurate information on the internet speed in a very simple user interface. Also, this tool is designed such a way to check that the ISP providers are actually not throttling out the user’s connection.

This tool involves a very minimalistic layout with a logo on the top and the result showing in the middle. A refresh or pause button is situated on the right side, also you will find an option to change the language and a link to compare the result in

One more button is there on the lower left side which brings the FAQ portion of the site. So, the interface is as easy as possible to handle and all can go with it seamlessly.

This tool is completely free to get and is available currently in Google Play Store and in App Store. Any Android device running 4.0 or later and iOS device running 7.0 or later can enjoy this amazing Internet speed test tool from Netflix.


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