Most of the users have demanded by multitasking, and Apple did their best to allow people do several jobs at a time by introducing the Picture-In-Picture feature last year with unveiling their iOS 9 version. However, this is not enough rather the developers are required to add supports for the feature to work. While companies like Twitter, Skype, YouTube already added support for this PIP feature, Netflix took a bit long time. But they have finally released their updated iPad app adding the most requested feature Picture-in-Picture in it.

Netflix Finally Includes Picture-In-Picture
Netflix Finally Includes Picture-In-Picture

Users Can Go For Resizing The Video

This PIP feature let the users continue enjoying a video in Netflix even after closing the app just by pressing the home button or else by switching to a different app in the device. This will shrink the video in the thumbnail in a small window at the right bottom of the screen which can then be dragged all over the screen to place it in any location. Also, users can go for resizing the video with pinch gesture while a small tap on the video will again bring it to full size. And while enjoying the Netflix movies or any other show, you can still use other apps in iPad to accomplish your jobs. For example, browsing Facebook, responding to a text, checking mail, etc. can be done at the same time.

But this Picture-in-Picture feature is supported in some selected iPads and these are iPad mini 2 and later, iPad Pro, iPad Air, and the later version. Also, ensure your device runs on iOS 9.3.2 or later to take advantage of this Picture-in-Picture feature. Tech giant Apple released iOS 10 beta recently which does not support this feature as of now as this is currently in testing phase.

Netflix is currently available in app store for free download.


  1. You couldn’t find an iPhone newer then the original iPhone 5 for this story? And what does this story have to do with the iPhone? The PIP is an iPad feature.


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