For over two decades now, Need for Speed has entertained racing games fanatics with their compelling storylines, splendid graphics, and amazing gameplay. EA’s recent announcement that the franchise is going to skip the 2016 launch and come back next year, means that fans will have to wait a little longer.

Ghost Games mentioned in a blog post that they will be delivering their next game in 2017. At the same time, the developers mention that they have no intention of staying quiet for the year. They are planning to stay active in the community. The developers plan to talk to fans of the game for feedback regarding the game and ways in which they should form the new game.

Need For Speed – Wait Time Extends as EA Announces Next Launch in 2017
Need For Speed – Wait Time Extends as EA Announces Next Launch in 2017

A recent infographic released by Ghost Games shows the accomplishments of the players and the outstanding numbers when it came to rep points, drag races and Eddie’s Challenge Events. The game took a break in 2014 to revamp the franchise, and the new version made its debut in November 2015 with the addition of some amazing new features and some great content.

With games getting more intensive and the graphics getting better by the year, Need for Speed had reason to ensure that it took the time it needed to come up with something that can amaze its players. Not that they have fallen short by any means in any of the previous games, but there is a lot more that we expect as new games continue to raise the bar.

Now that we are aware that we have to wait a little more, our expectations are going to rise and we are going to hope that we find something more challenging and more interesting with the next release.


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