TOKYO, May 8, 2017 – (JCN Newswire) – NEC Corporation today announced its contributions to a successful trial of KDDI’s next generation enterprise platform in collaboration with Red Hat, K.K.

KDDI provides high-quality communication and services in line with the company’s “life design” strategy. In the future, as 5G and IoT services become more prevalent, it is expected that development and operation of fast and efficient services will be necessary for a larger number of servers and infrastructure. For this reason, NEC participated in trials with Red Hat, K.K. to confirm the feasibility of KDDI’s next generation integrated platform, which includes infrastructure and IaaS, and can operate with multiple types of systems.

NEC Contributes to Successful Trial of KDDI's Next Generation Platform
NEC Contributes to Successful Trial of KDDI’s Next Generation Platform

These trials were conducted from January to April 2017 and confirmed the feasibility of advanced functions as outlined below.

1. The utilization of open cloud technology to support the construction of high-quality and highly reliable system infrastructure for telecommunications carriers
2. Integrated management of numerous services using simple infrastructure, flexible services, and efficient operations
3. Maintenance and replacement of servers and storage devices without stopping service
4. Advanced monitoring utilizing distributed monitoring technology from the KDDI Research Institute

In these trials, the Red Hat OpenStack Platform was used to create an open cloud environment, while NEC managed the building of infrastructure by utilizing its cloud infrastructure construction experience, operation record, and know-how.

Going forward, NEC plans to continue collaborating with Red Hat, K.K. in order to enable the performance of KDDI’s next generation platform.

We would like to create an ideal platform that strongly supports KDDI’s next generation system and business. As part of this, stability, flexibility and manageability are also required,

said Akihiro Nakashima, General Manager, Platform Development Division, KDDI.

NEC supported these trials with Red Hat through advanced technological strengths with respect to OpenStack and cloud systems. We aim to leverage the results of these trials in order to accelerate the completion of our next generation platform.


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