Cloud storage is definitely the new way of storing our files. MultCloud – cloud storage turns simpler! We love the fact that we can easily access our files from multiple devices with no limitation to the place where we are in. While all of this makes sense about cloud storage, the problem lies in the multitude of cloud storage options available.

By now most of us have ended up using more than one cloud storage services for storing our files. Since we are a part of a generation that likes things to be smooth, nifty and user-friendly, accessing our files by logging into different cloud storage is gradually getting tardier.

MultCloud – Cloud Storage Turns Simpler
MultCloud – Cloud Storage Turns Simpler

MultCloud has innovatively come up with a solution that allows us to access different cloud storage files from one place. We used this free app to find out if it is as promising as it sounds. The results were amazing and the experience was a great one. The app is simple to use and the features available with it provide a complete solution for all your problems related to files scattered over different cloud storages.

Signing Up and Pricing

The sign-up process is easy. Your basic details are required to make you a part of the MultCloud community. You also have the opportunity to use the services without signing up. You can enjoy MultCloud’s services for free or you can take a $7.99 monthly plan. The paid plan includes added features like filter settings for file transfer and file sync, schedules file transfer and file sync. We found the sign up to be an easy and quick process.

Using MultCloud

Using this app is as easy as signing up for it. It does not require any additional installations. Everything is done in the browser. You will notice the option to Add Cloud Services and you can add the cloud storage accounts that you currently have. Once you add all of them you will have all your cloud storage in one place.

Now you can transfer files from one account to another or you can sync your files from one place to another so that all your files are easily accessible. Both syncing and transferring are explained well so that nothing goes wrong for the users.

What do We like About It?

  • The ease with which we can manage multiple cloud storage accounts.
  • It is available for free and has some very useful features.
  • You have the option to initiate file transfer and close the browser and the task will be completed in the background.
  • The latest version also added German and traditional Chinese to its Multilanguage support.
  • The user experience for Dropbox Cloud Drive has also improved noticeably.
  • The share page has some improvements in the recent version which have improved the share feature and even an upload feature has been added to this page. The new folder actions also make the share feature better for the users.

If you have been struggling with too many cloud storage accounts then MultCloud can help you manage your accounts smoothly. It is a user-friendly application with some great features.

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