Cloud storage is being preferred as the most viable and secure place to save all our important documents like files, images, videos and more these days and this is the reason, not just the big organization rather individuals to store their documents in multiple cloud drives.

But switching from one cloud drive to another is also needed for that in case you have stored different documents in different cloud drives and this is where MultCloud comes in great help.

MultCloud - Access To Multiple Cloud Storage From Under One Roof
MultCloud – Access To Multiple Cloud Storage From Under One Roof

MultCloud is a free web based app that acts more like the online version of Windows explorer allowing users access to multiple cloud storage from under one roof. In another word, this is a free app that puts multiple cloud drives such as DropBox, OneDrive, GoogleDrive, MEGA, FTP, WebDAV etc. in a single interface so that users can easily access them hassle free. MultCloud is a perfect online application to manage all cloud accounts in one place and it’s mostly used to transfer files between cloud drives.

26 cloud drives are being supported by this app so far, so, there will be hardly any option that is being not included in this list. More about Multcloud is explained below that will give the interested users, even more, reasons to get it on their device.

Features of MultCloud

Features of MultCloud
Features of MultCloud

Allow data transfer across multiple clouds:

If you were using the method of downloading and then uploading a file from one drive to another cloud drive, then this tiresome job is eliminated now as transferring files from one cloud drive to another requires you to just drag and drop a file and files will be easily transferred. For example, if a file is to be transferred from OneDrive to Dropbox, just drag it from OneDrive and drop to DropBox.

Schedule data transfer, sync, and backup:

Data transferring can be scheduled as well if you want to transfer some files or else want to sync and create backup between clouds at regular interval simply by setting up a transfer task.

Data is transferred with the device power off:

Data transfer takes place with the device power off. The reason is the whole process of data transfer takes place in the server of MultCloud, so even if your device gets off, the process keeps running as this is an offline cloud transfer.

Email notification:

This is another advantage of MultCloud app which does not require the users to check again and again if a transfer is completed or the scheduled transfer, sync or backup is done rather you will be notified upon the completion of those process.


The most important factor security is being maintained at the fullest. This app do not save the user’s password or cache any data while the data transfer is made through 256-bit AES encryption for SSL.

With all these, the best things are you can avail this app at completely free that let you enjoy unlimited data traffic along with managing unlimited clouds. However, premium plan is also available which will explore even more features and functionality of the app to you.

The installation process is also too simple that takes hardly any time and effort, so get MultCloud in your device and bring all the online storage services under one roof to make things much easier.


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