Motorola’s Moto Mods got a lot of head turns when they were introduced alongside the Moto Z at the Lenovo Tech World event in Silicon Valley. It raised a lot of expectations with its superb features and excellent looks, but very recently the backplates were listed on the MyVerizon app which shows that it may break a few hearts with its prices.

The prices of the modular backplates which are meant to add utility to smartphones were not revealed during the event. Everyone found them to be useful, and many hoped to use it on their phones. Although these are not the first Mods to come to the market, Motorola packed some useful features and added a great look.

Motorola's Moto Mods
Motorola’s Moto Mods

The ones that have been introduced for now are the Insta-share projector Moto Mod, which sets you back by $299, JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod, which comes for $79 and Power Pack Moto Mod will cost around $89. Each of them have their utility and smartphone users may find them to be great depending on their use.

Moto Mods Developer Kit Available to Third Parties on its Website

Motorola will also make the Moto Mods developer kit available to third parties on its website. This helps third party developers by creating backplates of their own with different utilities. This helps them take advantage of the technology utilized by Motorola and make Mods with their creativity and innovation.

With smartphones encompassing an entire universe of apps which have assisted in creating a difference in our lives in a way where most of our lives are governed either knowingly or unknowingly by these devices. Industries evolved quickly as manufacturing of accessories for smartphones began to rise and with Mods like the ones Motorola has recently introduced. We are experiencing a new shift in the smartphone industry which allows us to make better use of our smartphones and add enhancements which not only give the phones a facelift but also change the way in which they are used.


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