If we analyze them in the summer of 2016, the exact month cannot be suggested however we can speculate that it will be either August or July. Based on some of the leaks from certain Chinese websites, it can be said that the Motorola Moto X with having a unibody composed of metal.

It is also predicted that the new model will be much thinner as compared to the currently available Moto X models, the new handset will is believed to be heavy as it will be manufactured via metal.

Motorola Moto X (2016)
Motorola Moto X (2016)

In the center of the handset, there will be a large camera lens, which actually gives us the impression that the handset will be thinner. The trademark signature of “M” is just below the lens of the camera.

Exact features of the handset have not been disclosed yet, hence, we are totally dependent upon rumors and speculations, hence, one of the speculations is that the fingerprint sensor will be there in the Motorola Moto X (2016), this feature will surely we welcomed by the masses as it was missing in the previous phones launched by the company.

Improvements are expected in the new cell phone, it is expected that the processor will be faster, this time, similarly, the support from microSD and RAM will be more and the capacity of the battery will also be much higher. It is also expected that better and advanced software will also be used in the new handset named Motorola Moto X (2016)


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